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The Best way to Chill

Rip’n Some Lip

Laying on a Log


That pretty much explains our

Monday Mood 😎


Pretty Chill.

Find the nearest forrest and hug or lay on a tree! 

That. is the best way to Chill. 


We hope you Took some Time

And Made your Monday Mood a GOOD one!


Cause it is up to YOU 

And what you DO! 


Keep Rip’n Some Lip ☠️

AKA: Getter Done & Have Some Fun 🤘


Hang in there Friends! 💕


Stay Healthy

Stay Safe

Shop On Line

Stay Weird NOT Crazy 🤘



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To Keep a Good Mood 😎

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#getoutside #nottooclose

#ripsomelip #getterdone


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