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What is the Best Drink?

Rip’n Lip

on the Rocks!


Hmmmm 🤔

I could go for a Vodka

on the Rocks 👌🥃 🤣


What a Stellar Saturday Rip’n around Neck Point 😎🤘The Waves were just Spectacular! 🌊☀️


We hope you had a Stellar Saturday!

And you were OUT Rip’n Some Lip 🤘


In WHATEVER Makes you feel Stellar!  😎🤔


And now...

It’s Vodka on the Rocks time 👌

That is the BEST drink! 

Cheers Friends!


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For Rip Some Lip Swag ☠️

Notice my Neon Pink Half Skull Beanie?!

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