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What to do when things feel crazy

Rip’n Some Lip

On the Beach


When things feel CRAZY around me

I remind Myself: 


And so does Bluebell 🐶

(cause aren’t our pets calming?)


I don’t 🚫 have to JOIN CRAZY.


So when things feel crazy

I like to:


Find a quiet Spot Outside

Preferably by the Water; I love Departure Bay Beach 

And remind myself of ALL the GOOD! 🙌


And to be Weird!!

oh and wear Pink; like my Pink Half Skull Leggings 

and if Pink isn't your color We've got lots of BLACK Swag 


It’s just important to Keep doing your ‘Thang’ to be You!


Just Don’t Join Crazy.


Hang in there Friends! 💕


Stay Healthy

Stay Safe

Shop On Line

Stay Weird Not Crazy



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To Keep the Morale High















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