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Refund Policy

I, Shannon,  want you to be Happy & Satisfied with your Rip Some Lip Swag! ☠️

Please email us with any concerns: 



Our Refund Policy is: 

All our items are UNIQUE, like YOU! 😎

And every item, when ordered, is printed exclusively for you.

So, we can not do refunds.

and that is why on each listing we ask that you carefully order the correct size and color.


But If you are not happy with the print 

Please reach out to us with a picture. 

And if the print is not up to our standards

And we will happily replace the item 👌

Any questions, please send us an email and I, Shannon, will get back to you!


Thank you! 

Rip Some Lip 



AKA: PinkShannonLee